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Unattended Sync

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    Unattended Sync

    Is it possible to set up our server to sync the replica databases on a set schedule (quarterly) without someone personally executing it. We would like to set up our system so that the data is pulled from our network and sent electronically to the state w/o assistance.

    Any tips/articles/directions would be much appreciated.


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    Unattended Sync

    If you are planning to run the required VBA Code from within a regularly used Database we can write code to cross-check the Sync schedule set in a parameter table and invoke the Sync Program to do the job. You may write the necessary code like the following example for a one way Sync routine or two way Synchronization:

    Sub SendChangeToReplicaX()
       Dim dbsNorthwind As Database
       ' Opens the replicable database Northwind.mdb.
       Set dbsNorthwind = OpenDatabase("Northwind.mdb")
       ' Sends data or structural changes to the replica.
       dbsNorthwind.Synchronize "Nwreplica.mdb", _
    End Sub
    Two way Sync:

    Sub TwoWayExchangeX()
       Dim dbsNorthwind As Database
       Set dbsNorthwind = OpenDatabase("Northwind.mdb")
       ' Sends changes made in each replica to the other.
       dbsNorthwind.Synchronize "Nwreplica.mdb", _
    End Sub
    Internet Synchronize:
    Sub InternetSynchronizeX()
       Dim dbsTemp As Database
       Set dbsTemp = OpenDatabase("C:\Data\OrdEntry.mdb")
       ' Synchronize the local database with the replica on
       ' the Internet server.
       dbsTemp.Synchronize _
          "" _
          & "/files/Orders.mdb", _
          dbRepImpExpChanges + dbRepSyncInternet
    End Sub
    There is a Blog Post that explains how to send Weekly e-mails automatically (Automated E-Mail Alerts) on schedule without User's intervention. This may give you ideas to write code for your problem.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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