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Troubleshooting Error: "You can't go to the specified record"

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    Troubleshooting Error: "You can't go to the specified record"

    Here's the issue. I have a form that looks up student information. There is a button on the form to add a new student. This has worked just fine for years, but recently stopped working; I'm not sure why.

    Clicking "Add" should add a new record to the "Student Records" table. The VB code behind the button is as follows:

    Private Sub btnAdd_Click()
    On Error GoTo Err_btnAdd_Click
        DoCmd.GoToRecord , , A_NEWREC
        Exit Sub
        MsgBox Error$
        Resume Exit_btnAdd_Click
    End Sub
    When I press it, I receive the error: "You can't go to the specified record. You may be at the end of the recordset." The error is #2105, action GoToRecord (-1,,New,). I am able to manually add a new record to this table; however, although a combobox displaying all records will display the new record, none of the other components on the form will display the new record. In fact, no records added after a certain date will display in the text boxes in the record detail display.

    The size of the DB is about 350MB, and contains 8065 student records. It is formatted as an Access 2002-2003 database and contains some other tables as well.

    Any ideas for me?


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    It sounds like you are trying to go to a new records when you are already in the process of a new record.

    Have you tried stepping through your code, or putting some debug statements in your code to see if you are looping more than expected?

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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