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Mathemathical calculations in registries

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    Mathemathical calculations in registries

    Hi! I understand my previous post was a wreck. I gradually understand more and more.

    Specific questions:

    Let's say I have numeric fields A and B.
    I want, whether with a query or with an Acess functionality if such exists,

    to show the user a C field which shows the sum: "A+B" of each registry. (Not the totals, I mean a new field).
    This is something i need to know. There is something else. Let's say i want, from the past example, the same table A,B and C. Let's say theres another field called "FORMULA". I want now Access to use that formula, user inputed, apply it to A and B and show the result in C. But the user must define what calculations must be done. Is this possible?

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    1) one can do math between fields using a Calculated Field in a query. I do not know what you mean when you refer to registries however.

    2) in general, no.

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    Your first question is not clearly understood as what you are trying to do besides finding the sum of two fields. Defining a new column in a Query can be done through VBA.

    User-defined formula with existing control values and numerical constants can be evaluated and the result can be displayed or stored in another control. Find the following Link for guidance:

    Custom Calculator and Evan Function.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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