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Calculate Current Value based on Cost and annual depreciation?

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    Question Calculate Current Value based on Cost and annual depreciation?

    I have several fields but these are relevant fields:

    Fields are as follows:

    Item: Text
    DatePurchased: Date (Short Date) = Date the item was purchased. Example: 2/12/2010
    OrriginalCost: Currency = Amount the item cost at the time of purchase. Example: $3,324.00
    Depreciation: Number (Byte) = Percentage per year to depreciate the item. Example: 10 (default value)
    ValueAsOfDate: Date (Short Date) = Choose the date to determine the value of the item. Example 4/15/2013
    CurrentValue: Currency = What the current value, in dollars, is of the item. ??????????

    I want the CurrentValue field to automatically calculate the value of the Item based upon the OrriginalCost field, the Depreciation field, the ValueAsOfDate field, and the DatePurchased field. Then to display that information in the form. For use in preparing Business Property Tax information.

    I was thinking DiffDate() and Format(), and Round() -to the lower full year- and have to have a Count() function too I guess. Mind boggling.
    This is what I have so far. I am a novice, But I have watched all the TrainSignal Videos.


    This obviously does not work.

    I have been thinking on this for a couple of days and I am lost.

    There are three threads that get close but do not answer the question publicly or clearly.

    I figured it out! Thank you brain.

    The answer is:

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